Video Tip #03: What to Write in Your YouTube Description

When it comes to any social media platform, whether Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest or YouTube, I believe the underlying goal is always the same:

Drive traffic to your website.

Retweets, likes, re-pins?  They are nice and an ego boost*, but they don’t, in and of themselves, drive revenue.

Like any other social media platform, we want YouTube to motivate viewers to visit our website. And while that makes sense, the vast majority of folks fail to make it easy for their viewers to do so.

Here’s an easy fix.

From now on, when writing the description of your YouTube video, remember to use the FIRST LINE for the URL to your website.  The graphic in this post shows you what I mean.  YouTube takes that URL (include the ‘http://’ stuff) and automagically converts that into a clickable link. How cool is that?

Now, when your viewers likes what they see, they are only a click away from getting to your website, and learning more about you.  This is easy, you can go back and fix previously-uploaded videos, and it works.

* If you’re a “social media experts”, well, all those retweets/likes/re-pins are worth their weight in consulting fees.

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