280-COOPHighlight your business, start a talkshow, or simply unleash your genius for a low monthly fee.

Creating an entirely new way to produce great videos, the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP is a broadcast and video production company that specializes in helping our Members make money and motivate people to take action on their behalf. We’ve discovered how to eliminate the high cost and excessive time normally associated with creating first-rate videos.

We provide the studio, equipment, staff, and guidance. You provide the expertise in your field.

VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK LOGOAs a VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP™ Member, you’ll have easy access to the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK studios. We’ve broadcast over 1,400 live, multi-camera shows to a world-wide audience which includes all 50 states and 150+ countries. We’ve also produced in excess of 2,700 additional videos for entrepreneurs, entertainers, and companies big and small.

By becoming a Member of the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP, you’ll enjoy:

  • No Limit On The Number Of Videos You Can Produce
    • Enjoy the freedom to produce as many videos as time permits
    • No concern with some artificial constraint on your creativity
  • Full Access to the CO-OP Studio and All Equipment
    • Professional-level equipment and output
    • No problems with poorly produced amateur videos
  • Director/Personnel Included to Produce Your Videos
    • No need to learn how to use equipment
    • Faster, more professional, and better guided productions
  • Free Consultation
    • No wasted time wondering what to shoot during your sessions
    • Easy to plan/prepare for your content
  • Unbelievably Low Membership Fee
    • Save on typical high-end video pricing
    • No price increase for all renewals
  • Money Back Guarantee!
    • No risk to your budget
    • Peace of mind your working with people you can trust

Because talent and experience is important when it comes to the people you work with on your video productions, here’s a peek at a few of the shows and customer videos we’ve produced:

Results: What to Expect

The promise of using a website to accelerate your sales efforts is a real one. However, whether you’re trying to sell something or establish yourself as an expert (or both), if you continue to use the same web-based techniques as everybody else, you will look like everybody else. Believe us when we say being Functionally Equivalent to your competitors is a tough place to start a sales process.

Along with the list of resources below, we focus a great deal of our time helping you understand how to differentiate yourself from the competitive herd. As a CO-OP Member, we will reveal techniques to you which will completely transform the way you think about how you “tell your story”. We are often told these discoveries alone are worth significantly more than the cost of membership. Combine these discoveries with our top-notch technical capabilities, and the effects will be immediate and long-lasting:

Become Approachable Online:
People want to buy from people they know. Content produced at the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP will human-enables your website and shorten your sales cycle.
Establish Credibility:
Claiming your own credibility is the weakest way to establish it. A VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP production allows you to demonstrate your credibility, the strongest way to establish it.
Extend Engagement Length:
A VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP production gives you an opportunity to take your time and deliver a compelling, results-driven message.
Be Difference (from competitors):
Your sales and marketing efforts convey the type of company you really are. A VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP production will demonstrate you are different—and you are treating your customers and prospects better as a result.
Get Attention:
A VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP production productions will draw attention to you. While most companies rely on the same online marketing efforts (website, social media, email marketing, etc.), your customers & prospects, the press, and the industry you’re in will take notice you’re a company with a fresh approach that should be monitored.
Transform Your Website:
Your VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP production will improve the Return on Investment the web is delivering to your bottom line and stop positioning your website as nothing more than an electronic brochure.
Excite Your Customers, Prospects, Employees and Partners:
Your employees, customers and prospects want to be proud of their relationship with you. Same is true for your partners. A VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP production will demonstrate your company is intent on driving revenue through a closer relationship between you and your customers, prospects and partners. All of which is important to your employees as well.
Create Fresh Content for your Website:
A stagnant website repels visitors. By re-purposing the content originally delivered during your VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP efforts, your website feels more human-enabled, less corporate and “sales-y”.
Deploy Content via Video on Demand:
Your VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP production will not only contribute to your website’s “freshness” but to the increasingly popular Video on Demand (and Web TV) market as well (iTunes, YouTube, Viddler,, and Vimeo).
Improve Search Engine Optimization:
Google has adjusted their algorithm to favor content that is updated often. They have further provided more “juice” to video-based content. You will take advantage of these changes with your VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP produced content.

All This is Available to You

We’ve invested six-figures in the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK studio. When you become a VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Member, it will be like Christmas every day.

  • Up to 5 HD cameras at a time
  • Full broadcast quality live switching (We have three Tricasters)
  • 16 channels of pristine sound
  • Wired and wireless mics
  • Green screens
  • Lighting grid
  • Virtual sets
  • Telepromoter
  • Set pieces
  • Lounge
And the ability to stream any content LIVE!

All that, plus the staff to run everything, is available for an unbelievably LOW MONTHLY FEE.

Immediate Delivery of Your Video(s)

For most people, shooting a video is very exciting. That is, until you have to wait days (or weeks) for the video to be delivered. However, for CO-OP Members, we give you your video immediately after your session is complete. And this video is yours to do as you’d like. We don’t own it, license it, or control it in any way. The video (or videos, as is often the case) we shot during your session is in your hands as you leave the studio.

What Kind of Videos Should You Create?

It’s easy to get excited about adding a video strategy to your online world. Are you looking for a kick-start to generate some ideas?** You’ve come to the right place!

  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Distance learning
  • Promotions
  • Sales presentations
  • Company culture demonstration
  • Product/Service launch
  • Town hall meeting
  • Fan Q & A
  • Talk show
  • Reviews
  • Rehearsals
  • Magic
  • Website tours
  • Seminars
  • Contests
  • Company meetings
  • Recruiting efforts
  • Testimonials
  • Employee training
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Business interview
  • Talent showcase
  • Comedy
  • Music

Pretty impressive, right? Wait until you see how UNBELIEVABLY AFFORDABLE ALL THIS IS AND WHY YOU SHOULD BUY NOW!

** Looking to distribute your new videos beyond your own website? The VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK may have a home for you!