Here is an Excellent Way to Establish Yourself as an Expert

2We just wrapped a fascinating session for CO-OP Member Lathe Lavada. 

As we’ve said many times, claiming your own credibility is the weakest way to establish it.  Besides many of the techniques we teach CO-OP Members to bolster their credibility, an outstanding way to demonstrate your expertise is to be interviewed on a broadcast-quality morning talk show. Here in Las Vegas, you see it all the time.

So, for Lathe, we set out to create the same thing.

For the shoot, we developed a show which features an in-studio host interviewing a guest in a remote location. Lathe would be that guest. For this short video to look authentic, we needed five distinct elements:

  1. A nice ‘Morning Show’ opening video.
    We used the video to set the tone for the show. Bubbly, upbeat, fun.

  2. An in studio host on a well-appointed set.
    Using one of our customized virtual sets, we created a environment that featured the Las Vegas sign, a monitor behind the host with the show logo, and real-time lower thirds.

  3. Our guest in a remote location.
    We wanted to create the feeling of a network show by being able to visit remotely with “Lathe, who is visiting us from his radio show, Real Estate Rescue, LIVE”.

  4. Picture in picture capabilities during the interview.
    To keep Lathe on screen as much as possible, we also took advantage of our virtual set capabilities, which included some more very cool customization.

  5. Strong call to action in closing credits
    The final video used in this step provided a clear call to action for the viewer along with some additional branding of Lathe’s radio show.

As you can see in the graphic, we were able to achieve all of our objectives. 

What you may not recognize is all of this was shot in our studio AND done as a single take.  All elements were shot and recorded live.

Pretty spiffy, huh?

Lathe has had this content approved by one of the “top 3” networks here in Vegas for placement during their broadcast schedule.

Video Tip #02: TelePrompters, Part 02

Another TelePrompter tip; Remember to blink. Most first-time TelePrompter users are so focused on reading the script that they forget to blink, making for an unnatural video.

Of course, practice makes perfect. Fortunately, good TelePrompter software allows you to adjust the speed of the scrolling text in real-time. This will allow you to relax and deliver your message in your own natural cadence.

It’s also helpful to look away from the camera occasionally. If you were having a conversation with somebody, and that person continuously stared directly at you, without blinking, without ever looking away, it would feel a bit creepy. . .and, again, unnatural. Every once in a while, a casual glance away from the camera is a humanizing technique, making you come across as calm and in control without much effort.

photo credit: deejayqueue via photopin cc

Video Tip #01: TelePrompters, Part 01

TeleprompterIf you’re going to use a TelePrompter, be sure it’s a “thru-the-camera” model. This allows you to read the script while looking directly into the camera. Reading a TelePrompter (or note cards) placed off to the side or above the camera quickly indicates you’re reading something and damages your credibility by making you look unprepared and a bit, well, shifty.

photo credit: deejayqueue via photopin cc