Here is an Excellent Way to Establish Yourself as an Expert

2We just wrapped a fascinating session for CO-OP Member Lathe Lavada. 

As we’ve said many times, claiming your own credibility is the weakest way to establish it.  Besides many of the techniques we teach CO-OP Members to bolster their credibility, an outstanding way to demonstrate your expertise is to be interviewed on a broadcast-quality morning talk show. Here in Las Vegas, you see it all the time.

So, for Lathe, we set out to create the same thing.

For the shoot, we developed a show which features an in-studio host interviewing a guest in a remote location. Lathe would be that guest. For this short video to look authentic, we needed five distinct elements:

  1. A nice ‘Morning Show’ opening video.
    We used the video to set the tone for the show. Bubbly, upbeat, fun.

  2. An in studio host on a well-appointed set.
    Using one of our customized virtual sets, we created a environment that featured the Las Vegas sign, a monitor behind the host with the show logo, and real-time lower thirds.

  3. Our guest in a remote location.
    We wanted to create the feeling of a network show by being able to visit remotely with “Lathe, who is visiting us from his radio show, Real Estate Rescue, LIVE”.

  4. Picture in picture capabilities during the interview.
    To keep Lathe on screen as much as possible, we also took advantage of our virtual set capabilities, which included some more very cool customization.

  5. Strong call to action in closing credits
    The final video used in this step provided a clear call to action for the viewer along with some additional branding of Lathe’s radio show.

As you can see in the graphic, we were able to achieve all of our objectives. 

What you may not recognize is all of this was shot in our studio AND done as a single take.  All elements were shot and recorded live.

Pretty spiffy, huh?

Lathe has had this content approved by one of the “top 3” networks here in Vegas for placement during their broadcast schedule.

Howard Stern Does This Every Day, Should You Do It As Well?

Radio Station Stage #3 at Vegas Video Co-Op. Las Vegas Video Production.

It can be a challenge, when in a broadcast interview setting, to get a guest to open up. They are often nervous with all the lights and cameras pointing at them.  This is an issue that we’ve seen time and time again.  And, it’s a problem we solve.

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Royalty Free Music for Your Talk Show


About 30% of VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Members are using their Membership to produce full-blown talk shows.  A very important component to the pre-production process we take our Members through is the selection of music.

Along with the overall graphics used for the show (lower thirds, logos, etc.), the music plays a critical role in setting the overall tone and mood for your talk show.  This is why the style and quality of your music are so important to creating a great first impression.

The CO-OP uses a variety of royalty-free music sites for its music. What used to cost $500/year now can cost $35/forever!

Royalty Free Music Sites

  • Music Bakery – This is our go-to site for music.  Much of the music used on the Vegas Video Network and for several of the CO-OP shows are from this website.
  • iStockPhoto / Pond5 – You wouldn’t expect a stock video/photo website would also carry music, but both iStock and Pond5 have a nice selection of music. Inside Medicine (see image above) got its music from iStock.
  • Free Play Music – This website has been around for quite some time. Good quality, but pricey.
  • Musync – One of the first royalty-free music sites we worked with.
  • Premium Beats – Just came on our radar. Good site, good pricing.


Want more?  CO-OP Member Dave Courvoisier wrote a blog post titled, “50+ Royalty-Free Stock Music Sites”.

(If you have a favorite royalty free music website, let us know and we’ll add it to the list!)

Set Up for an Instant Talk Show


When it comes to the types of Las Vegas Video Production we provide, one of the favorite requests from VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Members is to help them produce a video-based talk show.  Given our experience with the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK (we’ve produced over 800 multi-camera, live streaming productions), we love these as well.

The shot above was of the setup for an interview with outgoing UNLV president Neal Smatresk.  Our CO-OP Member was interested in a very simple set, with a strong Las Vegas presence.

Like many of our talk show setups, we shot this as a three-camera shoot:

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