VVN/VVC Activity Brief – 12/9/16: What is a Podcast?

VVN/VVC Activity Brief – 12/9/16: What is a Podcast?

Taking a break from the 4 P’s of Podcasting discussion to clear up some confusion about what a podcast really is.

Streamed live on Facebook Live at 12:17am, 12/09/16.

VVN/VVC Activity Brief: 4 P’s of Podcasting – PLAN

VVN/VVC Activity Brief: 4 P’s of Podcasting – PLAN

~ 4 P’s of Podcasting
~ PLAN (No 1)

Streamed live on Facebook Live at 2:30am, 11/14/16.

VVN/VVC Activity Brief: 10/20/16 – Creating a Podcast

Vegas Video Network/Vegas Video Co-op Activity Brief for October 20, 2016.

~ PodWorx
~ Live streaming to employees
~ Podcasting
~ Websites for podcasts
~ Studio tour
~ More video equipment testing

Streamed live on Facebook Live at 9:45am, 10/20/16.

What Kind of Videos Should You Create?

As CO-OP Members will tell you, it’s easy to get excited about adding a video strategy to your online world. However, there’s more to creating video then just deciding you need to do so. The number one question we get is. . .

What Kind of Videos Can I Produce?

If you are looking for a kick-start to generate some ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s list of the types of videos you can produced at the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP:

  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Distance learning
  • Promotions
  • Sales presentations
  • Company culture demonstration
  • Product/Service launch
  • Town hall meeting
  • Fan Q & A
  • Talk show
  • Reviews
  • Magic
  • Website tours
  • Seminars
  • Contests
  • Recruiting efforts
  • Testimonials
  • Employee training
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Business interview
  • Talent showcase
  • Comedy
  • Music

Want to learn more? Take a moment and contact us. We’ll bring you up to speed on whether or not a video strategy makes sense for you and your business.

photo credit: E Danley (flicker)

Las Vegas Review-Journal Features Article About Podcasts

LVRJ-ScreenShotOfWebsiteFor those Members (and potential Members) of the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP who are interested in podcasting, we were excited to see Michael Lyle’s Las Vegas Review-Journal article, “Spreading the news and views – Podcasts offer another medium for telling people about Las Vegas”, on the front page of this past Sunday’s LIFE section (1/10/16).

The article opened with a story about Scott Whitney’s 2005 Halloween costume – he dressed as a “podcast” – and continued with quite a bit of information about the Living in Las Vegas podcast, along with several other podcasts about Las Vegas (Downtown Podcast, Five Hundy by Midnight, and Vegas Fanboy).

Here’s a link to a the article on the LVRJ.com website.