CO-OP Case Study: Demonstrating Greatness – Video as a Recruiting Tool

I believe that in order to be successful, being “good enough” isn’t. From where I sit, it’s all about being great.

You must be great to get a great job.

An organization must deliver a great product or service to stay in business.

And in order for that organization to attract great associates (employees or volunteers), they have to ask:

How do I best demonstrate our organization’s authentic culture
so people want to get involved?

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CO-OP Members Are Veeeeeerrrrrry Interesting

Artie Johnson

We’ve had some interesting new customers of late. Most recently, we’ve added a first-time podcaster, a entrepreneur with serious plans to become a national figure, a non-profit organization doing great work for folks in need, and a solopreneur focused on humanizing his website. We’re also working with a well-known broadcaster as well.

Pretty cool group of people.

p.s. Did you “get” the photo?

photo credit: Alan Light via photopin cc