A View Into the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Studios

New Studio Shots

Why do folks like working at the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP studios?

We felt it was very important to create an environment in the studio that was warm and inviting. A lot of folks are a bit nervous when they shoot a video (at least in the beginning) so we created a setting that helps to keep folks calm. It’s also pretty hip and loungy, adding to the calming factor.

I also find that I’m more creative in a darker environment. Come to find out, there is research that proves that to be true. According to an article in Men’s Health,

“Compared to people working in normal or bright office conditions, those occupying a dimly lit workspace scored 16 percent higher on four different tests of creativity, the study shows.”

The article goes on to say, “turning down the lights creates an atmosphere of freedom and openness that encourages your mind to explore new ideas”.

Want to stop by for a tour? Let me know!