VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP, As Seen in the Las Vegas Review Journal


The folks at the Review Journal/Las Vegas Business Press just published an article today about Co-ops in Las Vegas (By involving customers, co-ops create collaborative business opportunities).  The VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP was one of the Co-ops interviewed.  Last week we had photographer Bill Hughes in the studio taking pictures of CO-OP Member Brett Grant (KSHP) and me during one of our sessions.

Pretty cool stuff!

Phase III Enrollment Now Open


As was mentioned in a previous blog post, no business plan survives first contact with their customers. As a result, we have taken a phased approach to VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Membership. At the conclusion of each phase, we’re able to carefully measure the quality of work we deliver to our existing Members.

About a month ago we concluded Phase II enrollment. Things are looking good so. . . .

PHASE III Enrollment for the
is Now Open!

During the most recent time we stopped taking new Members, we had dozens and dozens of people ask for more information about the CO-OP. We’re thrilled with the interest and invite those interested in a completely new way to produce professional-grade videos to check out our Membership & Pricing page.

If you have any questions about CO-OP Membership, head on over to our Contact page and we’ll get an answer to you quickly.

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10 Days of Christmas PROMO Launches Phase TWO Enrollment

10 Days of Christmas Promo

Big news! On Tuesday, we began our first-ever online discount promotion as we open PHASE TWO ENROLLMENT for the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP!

Our 10 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS PROMOTION offers a discount of up to 20% for new CO-OP Members. Here’s how it works:

Beginning TUESDAY, 12/3/13, you can receive a 20% across-the-board discount on new CO-OP Membership. This discount drops 1% a day until THURSDAY, 12/12/13, when this special promotion ends with a last-call discount of 11%.

As with our PHASE ONE ENROLLMENT, we will limit the number of new signups to ensure we’re delivering a great product.

To get your PROMO CODE, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach Scott directly at 702.395.5268.

Do You Have to Produce Just One Type of Video?

Thumbs Up
GREAT meeting today! (Free consultation for new CO-OP Members.)

Super fun working with excited people. We’ll be doing a variety of videos for this client; testimonials, “thought leadership” videos, credibility-demonstration content. . .and. . .interviews. A very forward thinking, video-ready company taking full advantage of the variety of videos we can shoot at the CO-OP.

photo credit: super_rats via photopin cc

CO-OP Members Are Veeeeeerrrrrry Interesting

Artie Johnson

We’ve had some interesting new customers of late. Most recently, we’ve added a first-time podcaster, a entrepreneur with serious plans to become a national figure, a non-profit organization doing great work for folks in need, and a solopreneur focused on humanizing his website. We’re also working with a well-known broadcaster as well.

Pretty cool group of people.

p.s. Did you “get” the photo?

photo credit: Alan Light via photopin cc