Advertising on Facebook

With an ROI of 1300%, Facebook has been our most successful advertising platform. Recently, we’ve seen a bit of a drop in the number of folks who are delivered our ads (waiting on a response from FB about this) but we’re still bullish.

Above you’ll find our latest ad. Much of our success has to do with using real photos. We never use stock photos. There’s more to creating an effective ad then just the image (headlines, description text, etc.), but if I can tell you’re not taking the time to show me the real you, I’m not going to click on your ad.

Video Marketing Trends in 2015

10983391_869543319733129_7742177737502031198_nDanni Ackerman, a CO-OP Member, sent this graphic about video marketing trends in 2015. We’ve know about much of what’s reported in this graphic for some time now. And I’d guess all Vegas Video Co-Op Members are probably hip to this as well. The questions is, what is missing?

The answer is two-fold.

First, firing up your webcam and putting some video online is no longer charming. It represents an amateur effort to put your best foot forward. It’s not a logical stretch to think if you don’t put your best effort into your own sales and marketing efforts, why should I expect you to work hard for me?

Second, the story that you’re telling, and the order in which you tell it, is muy importante. Well over 95% of the stories I hear from business owners when attempting to position their company are upside down. . .focusing on the items their customer/prospects simply don’t care about.

Fortunately, this is a problem we solve.

Live Streaming Video From Las Vegas

Live Streaming Video from Las Vegas

Screen shot from the AGA Press Conference, streamed live by PodWorx.

PodWorx, which is the parent company of the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP, has put up an informational page about Live Streaming in Las Vegas. Here’s the scoop:

When crafting your story, product launch, or announcement, your challenge is to ensure it reaches the widest possible audience. And while most companies will send out the obligatory press release and do what they can to unleash the social media hounds to increase their reach, how do you handle the vast majority of people who would like to see and hear what you have to say when you are saying it?

Check out the PodWorx Live Streaming in Las Vegas page for more information. Live streaming is very popular right now. Take a peek at what we’re up to.

CO-OP Case Study: Coming Attractions

I was asked to speak at a business lunch a few weeks ago about video and its relevancy in the online world. I covered many of the things found in the When Does Video Matter section of this website. I also threw out a few ideas for web-based videos, which can be found at the bottom of the CO-OP description page.

After I finished, Brett Grant, the managing owner at KSHP came up with a great idea.
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CO-OP Case Study: Separating Yourself from the Competitive Herd

CourVo at Vegas Video CO-O

Today’s CO-OP Case Study opening question:

To separate yourself from the competition, how do you establish your own credibility without claiming it?

Dave Courvoisier is a voice over artist. He’s been in the voice over business for several years and has been successful. To take his VO business to the next level, he’s decided to add video to his online marketing mix.

The reasons? There are two.
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