Studio Move Continues. . .

We’re about nine days into the move to our new studio.  Lot’s of activity, lots of knocking down walls, building ceilings, adding flooring and paint Paint PAINTING.


Here’s a peek at how the new studio will lay out. About 3,000 square feet (roughly 3x the size of VVN 1.0), three distinct stages, two bathrooms, and of course, a “Groovy Lounge”. I hope those of you reading this will stop by once I get things set up. They’ll be a party, I’m certain.


This is the front of our space. We have the width that includes the two sections you see here.



This is the view out of my office. Looks like I’m giving up the vampiresque life!



One of the first steps was to change the flooring in the reception/lobby area.  This room is tricky because it’s not square on all four corners.  The area to the left of the photo is angled in about 12 inches over 14 feet.  Tricky.



We are occupying two spaces, for a total square footage of about 3000.  I needed to connect one side to the other and so this 6’ W x 7’ T opening is being cut from the “Groovy Lounge” to the main studio area.  Can you see the lasers used to mark the cuts?  Pretty cool.



After the cut has been made.



Along with the wood flooring in the lobby, we needed to paint the place as well.  The color is “Naval”, from Sherwin Williams.  It ended up looking GREAT!



The lobby includes a Wall of Fame, which will feature images from the work we’ve done with CO-OP and Vegas Video Network folks.



We’re converting a regular office space, with it’s 9 foot ceilings, to a studio. Problem is, a 9 foot ceiling is too low.  Here we’re raising an area above our main stage an additional two feet.  This was another tricky effort.



For the studio itself, like our previous studio, the walls are black(ish).  That opening is to the Groovy Lounge.

We still have a TON of work ahead of us, but things are coming together.  Can’t WAIT to get back to producing content for CO-OP Members!


  1. Scott, the new studio is looking killer. Blows doors on the old one, although the old studio, just inches from famous Las Vegas Strip, was pretty cool and served it purpose, it’s nice to see you expanding your business. Can’t wait to come by and say hi and see the new studios.

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