Royalty Free Music for Your Talk Show


About 30% of VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Members are using their Membership to produce full-blown talk shows.  A very important component to the pre-production process we take our Members through is the selection of music.

Along with the overall graphics used for the show (lower thirds, logos, etc.), the music plays a critical role in setting the overall tone and mood for your talk show.  This is why the style and quality of your music are so important to creating a great first impression.

The CO-OP uses a variety of royalty-free music sites for its music. What used to cost $500/year now can cost $35/forever!

Royalty Free Music Sites

  • Music Bakery – This is our go-to site for music.  Much of the music used on the Vegas Video Network and for several of the CO-OP shows are from this website.
  • iStockPhoto / Pond5 – You wouldn’t expect a stock video/photo website would also carry music, but both iStock and Pond5 have a nice selection of music. Inside Medicine (see image above) got its music from iStock.
  • Free Play Music – This website has been around for quite some time. Good quality, but pricey.
  • Musync – One of the first royalty-free music sites we worked with.
  • Premium Beats – Just came on our radar. Good site, good pricing.


Want more?  CO-OP Member Dave Courvoisier wrote a blog post titled, “50+ Royalty-Free Stock Music Sites”.

(If you have a favorite royalty free music website, let us know and we’ll add it to the list!)

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