Producing Videos That Sell – Tip #05: Nobody Cares What You Do

Las Vegas Video Production

While it’s healthy to think of yourself as special, the truth is nobody cares what you do. They only care what you do for them. To the extent you focus less on what you do and more on the problem you solve, the effectiveness of your videos (and sales in general) increase.

I’ve said previously, you bond with people on their problems, not your solution. As I’ll discuss in an upcoming tip, it is the outcome that your present, whether it removes pain (“German Shepherd”) or increases pleasure (“Gold Medal”), that folks care about.

If you are unable to clearly define the problems your customers face, thereby demonstrating you understand the issues they face, you become “functionally equivalent” to all the other companies in your market which focus on what they (and you) do.

photo credit: @rtimage – Debora Bogaerts via photopin cc

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