Producing Videos That Sell – Tip #02: Clients and Prospects are Only Motivated by Two Things.


Doubling your benefits doubles your value. Instead of struggling to figure out what motivates a prospect, you can take any list of benefits and apply a “Gold Medal” and “German Shepherd” to it.

While some people are motivated by positive reward (Gold Medals) others are even more motivated by the reduction of problems or pain (German Shepherds). Recognizing this fact will double the reasons to do business with you. When speaking of a benefit, you can ensure 100% of your audience will connect with your story by positioning both a Gold Medal and German Shepherd outcome. And for those prospects motivated by both?

A home run.

This form of positioning has been around a long time. Remember these:

  • Miller Beer:
    Tastes Great (GM). Less Filling (GS).
  • Johnson’s Baby Shampoo:
    Gentle on hair (GM). No more tears (GS).

This type of positioning has been around a long time because it works. Bottom line? Always positive is not always the most production.

photo credit: indrarado via photopin cc

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