Phase III Enrollment Now Open


As was mentioned in a previous blog post, no business plan survives first contact with their customers. As a result, we have taken a phased approach to VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Membership. At the conclusion of each phase, we’re able to carefully measure the quality of work we deliver to our existing Members.

About a month ago we concluded Phase II enrollment. Things are looking good so. . . .

PHASE III Enrollment for the
is Now Open!

During the most recent time we stopped taking new Members, we had dozens and dozens of people ask for more information about the CO-OP. We’re thrilled with the interest and invite those interested in a completely new way to produce professional-grade videos to check out our Membership & Pricing page.

If you have any questions about CO-OP Membership, head on over to our Contact page and we’ll get an answer to you quickly.

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Las Vegas Video Production company VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP has developed a new and creative way for you to make great videos at an affordable price. Learn more today.

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