Is Video *Really* Important to Your Business?


Is video important to your business?

Of course, I’m a video guy. So if I say video is important, it’s like Santa saying “I think this Christmas thing might really take off”.

However, if you recognize 66% of all Internet bandwidth was video in 2013, it’s clear video is important to people.

So, how about *this* question: Is video important to Google?

Given the company owns YouTube (the #2 search engine in the world), the obvious answer is yes. But how can that affect you and your business?

The Vegas Video Network is a good example.

3 hours ago, I posted our latest Living in Las Vegas Podcast episode. In the title, I included the phrase “Betting Advice for March Madness”.

The episode was indexed by Google within minutes. (I can explain why for those interested.) A Google search of “Betting Advice for March Madness” lists our YouTube page for this episode on Page ONE.

This happened within HOURS of posting this content. Very impressive stuff. ESPECIALLY if you recognize that a company’s online goal is not to be found by people who already know who you are, but by people who are looking for a solution to their problem.

Online video, when done correctly, helps a great deal in this matter.


  1. Visitors like videos and its really converting for more sales. I implemented and tested and it works great.

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