Howard Stern Does This Every Day, Should You Do It As Well?

Radio Station Stage #3 at Vegas Video Co-Op. Las Vegas Video Production.

It can be a challenge, when in a broadcast interview setting, to get a guest to open up. They are often nervous with all the lights and cameras pointing at them.  This is an issue that we’ve seen time and time again.  And, it’s a problem we solve.

One of the most effective interview environments is that of a radio station. When designed and lit correctly, it can feel more intimate and less intimidating than your typical talk-show set. The sound of one’s own voice in headphones is soothing and helps boost confidence. The setting also relieves the host from needing to look at the camera.

A professionally shot *multi-camera* show done in a radio station environment delivers a compelling "behind the scenes" vibe that is extremely popular. Howard Stern has been using this kind of staging for years. And, for us, that popularity is measurable: the last four new CO-OP Members have signed up so they could use our brand-new, FULLY FUNCTIONAL radio station set.

Yep, this new set is a fully functional radio station. We can broadcast our HD audio signal to any radio station in the world.  LIVE. We can take calls, play clips (audio/video) and load any type of graphics into the show.  We’ve got “talk back” capabilities that are both private (director to host only) or public (director to host/guest). And we can even put the video of our “call in” guest in the monitor you see in the back.  (Pretty spiffy.)

If you’re looking for a Las Vegas video production company, and are interested in your own talk-show, give us a shout. We’re fast approaching 1,000 shows produced.  Let’s set up a time for a tour of our facility (we’ve got two other stages as well) and see if we might be a fit for you.

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  1. This article makes me want to try and do a radio show! There are close to two million people in Las Vegas, who will be the next Howard Stern (Las Vegas edition)?

    • Scott Whitney says:

      If I remember correctly, you’ve already done some Vegas-based on-air content! Perhaps that next LV-Howard Stern will be you!

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