Introducing the

This introduction video will quickly outline the two problems the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP solves.

WideHiddenPosCOOPtv06The VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP is your own broadcast and video production studio without the six-figure investment. Creating an entirely new way to produce great videos, as a VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Member, you’ll have easy access to the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK studios, were we’ve broadcast over 1,000 LIVE, multi-camera shows to a world-wide audience. We’ve also produced THOUSANDS of additional videos for entrepreneurs, entertainers, and companies big and small.

Want to Learn More?

We find ourselves working with people who are decisive and quick to act. To that end, there are THREE EASY-TO-FOLLOW OPTIONS you may take as a next step:

  • Choose your
    next step:

  • W H Y

  • W H E N

  • W H E R E

  • TALK

  • 30 Minute
    Phone Consultation

  • There's more to creating video then just deciding you need to do so. Schedule a 30 Minute Consultation with Scott to see if video makes sense for you and your business.

    Value: $145, Cost: Free

  • At your convience.
  • Anywhere!
  • TOUR

  • 60 Minute Studio Tour
    & Consultation

  • For some, seeing is believing. Schedule yourself for a tour of our studio, where we've produced over 1,000 LIVE BROADCASTS, 2,000 Podcast Episodes, and MANY THOUSANDS of videos for companies of all sizes. Consultation is included as well.

    Value: $295, Cost: Free

  • At your convience.
  • Our studio.

  • Get Membership Features
    & Pricing

  • You're a bottom line type of person. You want to see what is offered and how much it costs. Pricing is available to those who are serious about improving their online presence. Membership is accepted after your application is approved.

    Cost: How does $275/month sound?

  • Now.
  • Right here.

If you’d like to contact us, that’s easy as well.

Scott Whitneyp.s. If you become a CO-OP Member, you will receive “Most Favored Member Status”. This means you will always be afforded the current pricing regardless of any planned pricing increases.
— Scott Whitney