Facebook’s “A Look Back”. Now THIS is Clever

It’s a common practice to bash the big guys. Microsoft sucks. Facebook is crap. Twitter is hell on earth because it is too damn hard to take my written genius and shrink it into a meager 140 characters of meaningless ver. . .DAMN IT!

However, the reason big guys get big is because they do good work. And Facebook just did something that I expect will be HUGE.

A friend posted a video on their Facebook feed. It provided a look back at her experience on Facebook. It was auto-created by. . .yep. . .Facebook. It’s called the “A Look Back. . .Highlights from your x years on Facebook“.

I watched her video. And was fascinated. And, immediately created my own:

Clever, right?

It’s a great use of video. And a very impressive way to remind your customers how important they are while at the same time helping those same folks feel amazing about themselves.

Well done, Facebook.

What are you doing to make your customers feel special? Got an idea? Add a comment below.

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