CO-OP Case Study: Separating Yourself from the Competitive Herd

CourVo at Vegas Video CO-O

Today’s CO-OP Case Study opening question:

To separate yourself from the competition, how do you establish your own credibility without claiming it?

Dave Courvoisier is a voice over artist. He’s been in the voice over business for several years and has been successful. To take his VO business to the next level, he’s decided to add video to his online marketing mix.

The reasons? There are two.

REASON #01: Unmatched experience in a different business environment that directly pertains to voice over work

Besides being a VO guy, Dave is the most watched local television news anchor in Las Vegas. As a result, Dave has over 25+ years of experience reading (and writing) the words he uses to tell today’s stories. That content is professionally delivered, believable, and friendly. Dave is able to leverage his massive expertise in delivering the spoken word to those in need of voice over talent. And he demonstrates that ability with his video. (In the video, besides coming across extremely well, he demonstrates the difference a great VO guy can make by reading a paragraph twice, each with a very different inflection.)

REASON #02: A Friendly Face Goes a Long Way to Close a Sale

Most voice over artists do not like to show their face. I suppose much of that has to do with a fear of age discrimination. The problem is that people prefer to buy from people they know and like. It’s harder to develop a relationship with somebody you haven’t seen*. By taking advantage of video, Dave is shortening the sales cycle by accelerating the all-important “getting to know you” phase. He’s also separating himself from his competitors because the vast majority of voice over artists are afraid of video.

Many of these concepts came to Dave during our Free Consultation Session. As we’ve said elsewhere on this website (Results: What to Expect), video in and of itself isn’t the panacea. The content must address the specific objectives most people have online:

How do I begin a meaningful sales conversation with a visitor to my website to ensure they pick up the phone and call me?

* Just ask catfishing victim Manti Te’o.

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