CO-OP Case Study: Personal Coaching – Establishing Credibility

Toward the end of 2013, we had a rush of new CO-OP Members. Interestingly, several “Personal Coaches” joined the CO-OP. One of whom is Eldridge DuFauchard.

When starting any business, it’s helpful to find a specific niche. . .something that helps separate you from the competitive herd. Eldridge has done just that. His niche? Helping folks who suffer from social anxiety.

Eldridge will be using the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP as a partner in the development of a series of videos he’ll use to demonstrate his credibility in this field. This first video provides background and sets the stage for his 3-step solution. Eventually, this video will be used on a sales page to help folks to decide to opt into his program.

The goal of these videos is to establish Eldridge’s credibility in his particular field. Specifically, Eldridge opens this particular video with a quick review of his first customer — himself. Instead of preaching a solution that came out of nowhere, Eldridge is using an “eating your own dogfood” marketing technique. He knows this process works because he’s gone through it himself.

Eldridge is a 12-month CO-OP Member, which means he has taken advantage of the free post-production work that is available to Platinum members. We added the music, photo animation and lower third in “post”. This video came from his first in-studio session. We also edited some other scripts and shot two other videos, all in under 1.5 hours.

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