CO-OP Case Study: Handling Sales Objections

Here’s an interesting question for those responsible for the ongoing revenue of their company:

How do you handle a sales objection if you’re not given the opportunity to speak with the prospect?

LASIK of Nevada, a VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Member, deals with two customer concerns all the time: fear and cost. When given the chance to speak with somebody interested in LASIK, they do an outstanding job in assuaging their concerns. (It helps that Dr. Rothman has more combined experience (number of procedures plus years of practice) in laser vision correction than any surgeon in Nevada today). However, Dr. Rothman recognizes something we’ve been saying for a very long time: Your online presence is often your only chance to begin a meaningful sales conversation.

To shorten the sales cycle by addressing these two issues, we’ve teamed together to create a series of “Is LASIK Right For You?” videos. The screenshot above is from one of the first ten we shot last Tuesday. We’re taking advantage of a customized Virtual Set, which delivers a million-dollar feel for the unbelievably low cost of membership*.

This is an outstanding way to begin a sales conversation and establish your credibility without claiming it. Dr. Rothman never speaks about his experience. Instead, he simply addresses the concerns of his patience in a friendly, informative manner. Any company with sales objections can (and should) do the same.

To prepare for this new video content, as well as other content we’ll be shooting for LASIK of Nevada, we’ve been hired to rebuild their entire website. We’re about 80% complete. As soon as we launch, we’ll post a link on our blog.

* For those who love a little behind-the-scene vibe, everything you see, other than Dr. Rothman himself, is virtual. Even the desk, with its reflection of Dr. Rothman, is completely virtual.

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