CO-OP Case Study: Demonstrating Greatness – Video as a Recruiting Tool

I believe that in order to be successful, being “good enough” isn’t. From where I sit, it’s all about being great.

You must be great to get a great job.

An organization must deliver a great product or service to stay in business.

And in order for that organization to attract great associates (employees or volunteers), they have to ask:

How do I best demonstrate our organization’s authentic culture
so people want to get involved?

Interestingly, I’m often told how great/important/awesome the people are who work for this company or that. Yet, when visiting most company websites, the content mirrors what you see on a competitor’s website–mission statements, friendly photos, list of offerings, job postings, etc. They fail to shine a impactful light on the one factor that all companies require to be great: their people.

This has been a recruiting challenge for a very long time. For trueID, a VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Member and non-profit organization, recruiting takes a greater sense of urgency, given their need for volunteers to accomplish their mission: the education and empowerment of at-risk youth and women who are currently in the adult entertainment/sex industry.

One of trueID’s offerings is a mentorship program. To give new and potential mentors an intimate and truthful look into the impact they can have on somebody’s life, we produced this video*. It provides an outstanding look into the program, directly from those (on both sides) who participate. It speaks to the excitement, the fear, the challenges, and the rewards of being a part of trueID.

This is a great illustration of letting people look beyond your website’s words and pictures and company culture jargon. When it comes to recruiting, instead of your “electronic brochure”, what folks long for is a real-life look into what makes your organization as good as it is. . .your people.

* Behind-the-scene: This is another example of a VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP virtual set. Everything you see, other than the people, is computer-generated in real time. . .no post-production green screen keying necessary.

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