CO-OP Case Study: Coming Attractions

I was asked to speak at a business lunch a few weeks ago about video and its relevancy in the online world. I covered many of the things found in the When Does Video Matter section of this website. I also threw out a few ideas for web-based videos, which can be found at the bottom of the CO-OP description page.

After I finished, Brett Grant, the managing owner at KSHP came up with a great idea.

First, some background. KSHP (often pronounced “K-SHOP”) has one of the most unique programming ideas I’ve EVER SEEN on radio. Their “Radio Shopping Show” highlights a large number of businesses in Las Vegas who have partnered with the station to offer deep discounts. At any given time, they may have hundreds of businesses offering deals. . .and every week a new group of businesses join the fun.

Brett came up with the concept for the video you see above. Every week, Brett comes into the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP studios and shoots a quick 5(ish) minute video highlighting the coming attractions (new businesses) which have been added to KSHP’s list of offerings.

What an outstanding idea.

Now, visitors to KSHP’s website, along with folks who follow the station on Twitter or are fans on Facebook get a quick-and-easy update on the latest and greatest KSHP has to offer. The sales people at KSHP love it. The on-air talent love it. And the businesses who partner with KSHP really love it. And besides being exposed in the video, we are sure to include a link to all the business’s websites reviewed in the YouTube description which also drives traffic.

For this shoot, we’re taking advantage of our virtual set capability, which is uber-cool. The camera movement, lower thirds, graphics switching in the monitor behind Brett, and the transition to full screen graphics are all done in real time. There is ZERO post production required on these videos. After we shoot them, they are immediately uploaded to YouTube. Additionally, because we place them in a special YouTube Playlist, which is embedded on the website, it is automatically updated on KSHP’s home page.

Easy. Peasy. 1-2-Threezy!

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