Video Tip #02: TelePrompters, Part 02

Another TelePrompter tip; Remember to blink. Most first-time TelePrompter users are so focused on reading the script that they forget to blink, making for an unnatural video.

Of course, practice makes perfect. Fortunately, good TelePrompter software allows you to adjust the speed of the scrolling text in real-time. This will allow you to relax and deliver your message in your own natural cadence.

It’s also helpful to look away from the camera occasionally. If you were having a conversation with somebody, and that person continuously stared directly at you, without blinking, without ever looking away, it would feel a bit creepy. . .and, again, unnatural. Every once in a while, a casual glance away from the camera is a humanizing technique, making you come across as calm and in control without much effort.

photo credit: deejayqueue via photopin cc

Video Tip #01: TelePrompters, Part 01

TeleprompterIf you’re going to use a TelePrompter, be sure it’s a “thru-the-camera” model. This allows you to read the script while looking directly into the camera. Reading a TelePrompter (or note cards) placed off to the side or above the camera quickly indicates you’re reading something and damages your credibility by making you look unprepared and a bit, well, shifty.

photo credit: deejayqueue via photopin cc