Introducing LIVE STREAM Las Vegas

LIVE STREAM Las Vegas new website.

Back in August 2016, I decided to solve a problem facing folks whose income is predicated on being in front of an audience, but struggled to prove their abilities to those unaware or unable to attend.

It didn’t matter what the person did (business, entertainment, education, etc.), I was set on driving down the cost associated with creating a multi-camera, multi-shot, broadcast-quality production.

And do so from the customer’s choice of locations.

We tried one approach. . .that didn’t work well enough.

So, from October to December of 2016, I set out to design a breakthrough in sophisticated on-site, multi-camera broadcasts and high-definition recordings at an unbeatable price.

After some strenuous testing, including arguably one of the most complex multi-camera production environments a director has to manage, we are ready.

Introducing PodWorx’s LIVE STREAM Las Vegas.

Brought to you by the most experience live streaming producer in Nevada, LIVE STREAM Las Vegas eliminates the distance between you and your:

  • Fans
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Customers
  • Constituents
  • Prospects
  • Employees
  • Students
  • Parishioners

The website is now live. I’d like to invite you to please take a moment and look around. Let me know what you think AND if you find any problems with the site.


Las Vegas Review-Journal Features Article About Podcasts

LVRJ-ScreenShotOfWebsiteFor those Members (and potential Members) of the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP who are interested in podcasting, we were excited to see Michael Lyle’s Las Vegas Review-Journal article, “Spreading the news and views – Podcasts offer another medium for telling people about Las Vegas”, on the front page of this past Sunday’s LIFE section (1/10/16).

The article opened with a story about Scott Whitney’s 2005 Halloween costume – he dressed as a “podcast” – and continued with quite a bit of information about the Living in Las Vegas podcast, along with several other podcasts about Las Vegas (Downtown Podcast, Five Hundy by Midnight, and Vegas Fanboy).

Here’s a link to a the article on the website.

BitTorrent Goes Legit-er? Live Streaming Video in Beta

Having produced well over 800 live streaming video productions, both here in Vegas and in various other places around the country, we know that the cost of live streaming video can be prohibitive for many folks. While you can go the free route with companies like Ustream, you pay a high price for not paying. . .commercials, interruptions, more commercials, and more interruptions.

It. Is. Horrible.

If you look at a company like, you’ll pay $350 for 3000 user hours a month. Not terrible, but expensive for some.
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