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400dpiLogoCropped-FilledIconNoShadowWPdWxLogo.fwOver the past year, along with working in the studio via the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP and Vegas Video Network, we’ve been spending a lot of time shooting multi-camera, broadcast quality content for PodWorx’s new LIVE STREAM Las Vegas service. As a result, much of our blogging activity has been used to demonstrate what we’ve been up to in the live streaming video world.

We invite you to visit the LIVE STREAM Las Vegas blog page which features tips, tricks, and executive briefs on over 30+ events we’ve produced.

Introducing LIVE STREAM Las Vegas

LIVE STREAM Las Vegas new website.

Back in August 2016, I decided to solve a problem facing folks whose income is predicated on being in front of an audience, but struggled to prove their abilities to those unaware or unable to attend.

It didn’t matter what the person did (business, entertainment, education, etc.), I was set on driving down the cost associated with creating a multi-camera, multi-shot, broadcast-quality production.

And do so from the customer’s choice of locations.

We tried one approach. . .that didn’t work well enough.

So, from October to December of 2016, I set out to design a breakthrough in sophisticated on-site, multi-camera broadcasts and high-definition recordings at an unbeatable price.

After some strenuous testing, including arguably one of the most complex multi-camera production environments a director has to manage, we are ready.

Introducing PodWorx’s LIVE STREAM Las Vegas.

Brought to you by the most experience live streaming producer in Nevada, LIVE STREAM Las Vegas eliminates the distance between you and your:

  • Fans
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Customers
  • Constituents
  • Prospects
  • Employees
  • Students
  • Parishioners

The website is now live. I’d like to invite you to please take a moment and look around. Let me know what you think AND if you find any problems with the site.


VVN/VVC Activity Brief: 8/29/16 – Beta Test Announcement

Vegas Video Network/Vegas Video Co-op Activity Brief for August 29th, 2016.

On this special Activity Brief, Scott announces a beta program for a new production offering.

Streamed live on Facebook Live at 10:16am, 8/29/16.

Moving On Up – Congratulations to CO-OP Member Doug Geinzer of Las Vegas HEALS


Come to find out, the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP is a perfect place for somebody interested in starting a talk/interview show to practice their skill in a safe, nurturing, and educational environment. The latest CO-OP Member to join VVN is Doug Geinzer of Las Vegas HEALS.

Inside Medicine is an information-rich 1/2 hour show which features intimate interviews with the leaders of the Southern Nevada medical community. It broadcasts LIVE every Friday morning at 10A PT at

Congrats, Doug!

Las Vegas Review-Journal Features Article About Podcasts

LVRJ-ScreenShotOfWebsiteFor those Members (and potential Members) of the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP who are interested in podcasting, we were excited to see Michael Lyle’s Las Vegas Review-Journal article, “Spreading the news and views – Podcasts offer another medium for telling people about Las Vegas”, on the front page of this past Sunday’s LIFE section (1/10/16).

The article opened with a story about Scott Whitney’s 2005 Halloween costume – he dressed as a “podcast” – and continued with quite a bit of information about the Living in Las Vegas podcast, along with several other podcasts about Las Vegas (Downtown Podcast, Five Hundy by Midnight, and Vegas Fanboy).

Here’s a link to a the article on the website.

A Proud Moment for the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP

Miracle-League-Logo_SmallThe VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP (and PodWorx, its parent company) is proud to join companies like Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts, and UBS as a Major Donor to Miracle League Las Vegas.

OpeningDay035For those unfamiliar with this outstanding organization, Miracle League of Las Vegas provides special needs individuals the opportunity to play baseball in a safe and nurturing environment. Everybody plays! Everybody hits! And everybody scores! I’ve MC’d a couple opening day ceremonies and it is one of the most impressive, beautiful, FUN environments I’ve ever seen. The work all the folks involved with MLLV do is extensive and impressive.

Skype TX Now Available at the Vegas Video Network and Vegas Video Co-op

New Stuff at VVN/VVC

Because we spend a lot of time creating content that is interview based, we aim to ensure our interviews are top-notch, regardless of the guest’s location. And while satellite feeds or microwave relays used to be the only truly broadcast-quality option for remote interviews, that has changed.

Many folks don’t know this, but Microsoft makes a very special version of Skype, called “Skype TX”. It’s the company’s high-end, broadcast quality version of the software.

Skype TX cannot be bought by itself. It must be pre-configured on a small number of specially-configured hardware platforms. We just installed such a system.

We reconfigured our production cockpit to accommodate this new capability. The photo above give a director’s view of what we’re capable of doing:

  1. The Skype TX dedicated system with a Skype connection in progress.
  2. Via a dedicated HD-SDI cable, we receive the Skype callers signal and assign it as a camera into our Tricaster. (In the example above, we assigned it to camera 8 (and 7 for fun).)
  3. This area shows the live stream being broadcast/recorded. On the left is the in-studio camera, on the right is the Skype caller.
  4. Unlike typical remote guests, the Skype caller into our studios can SEE and HEAR the actual broadcast IN REAL TIME. They’ll know exactly when they are “on the air”, see all camera changes, and hear all music/sound effects/videos.

If you’re interested in being able to interview folks with this amazing new capability, and you’re not already a VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Member or Vegas Video Network content provider, give us a shout. This is very cool stuff.

Moving On Up – Congratulations to CO-OP Members Jesse & Lisa

Jesse and Lisa laugh it up with Louis Gossett Jr.

Jesse and Lisa laugh it up with Louis Gossett Jr.

The VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP continues to be a great launchpad for new Vegas Video Network shows. The latest CO-OP Member to join VVN is Jesse and Lisa Ferrell.

Conversations with JessTalk and LisaListen is a fast-paced 1/2 hour show which helps our viewers/listeners get the most out of their lives, whether personal or professional. We stream LIVE every Thursday at 5PM.

Congrats, Jesse and Lisa!

Moving On Up – Congratulations to CO-OP Member Danni Ackerman

Danni Ackerman - Niche to Profit

One of the cool things about running the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP is the opportunity to watch CO-OP Members improve their video and “on-air” skills.  One such Member is Danni Ackerman.

Danni started off using the CO-OP to create training videos for her customers and prospects.  She has since “moved on up” to a LIVE, weekly, one-hour show, on the Vegas Video Network.

Called Niche to Profit, Danni and her expert guests help folks understand what it takes to sell (and even make a living) using a variety of online platforms (eBay, Amazon, etc.). iTunes selected both the audio and video version of the show as “New & Noteworthy” in their Shopping Category of podcasts.

Check Danni out LIVE every Thursday at 3PM at

Congratulations, Danni!

Advertising on Facebook

With an ROI of 1300%, Facebook has been our most successful advertising platform. Recently, we’ve seen a bit of a drop in the number of folks who are delivered our ads (waiting on a response from FB about this) but we’re still bullish.

Above you’ll find our latest ad. Much of our success has to do with using real photos. We never use stock photos. There’s more to creating an effective ad then just the image (headlines, description text, etc.), but if I can tell you’re not taking the time to show me the real you, I’m not going to click on your ad.