It Shouldn’t Take Days to Create a Great Video

Single take, real-time graphic changes in monitor, no post edits. Nice job Deirdre and Nick. It shouldn’t take hours (or days) to produce a video that works for you.

How to Create a Video-Centric Website

Las Vegas LASIK Website

As more and more folks begin adding video to their websites, a simple question pops up:

Is that all I really need to do?

As many folks have discovered, it’s not enough to just start adding videos to your website. The problem we’re seeing is that while the motivation to add video is good, the implementation is troubled.  Primarily, this is caused by websites that were not initially designed to leverage the value of video.

The intent of your video can be any of the following:

  • Humanizing your website
  • Demonstrating credibility without claiming it
  • Shortening the sales cycle
  • Separating yourself from the competitive herd, and
  • Giving voice to your business, ideas and talent

With the goal being either to make you more money or motivate people to take action on your behalf. 

In order to best position your videos to do that, it stands to reason that you have to ensure your videos are in the best position to be seen! Pigeon-holing a video on a website that wasn’t designed with a video presence in mind typically leads to the video being overlooked.

Which is not a feature.

VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Members LASIK of Nevada was faced with this issue. 

Dr. Rothman and his staff understands the power of video.  However, their previous website was not designed to take advantage of the video content they were preparing to produce.  Their previous website did an outstanding job in providing content and delivering a strong search engine optimized experience, but a great video platform it was not.

It’s important to note that LASIK of Nevada understands that video isn’t just about, well, video. There must be a purpose. For example, their new website (see above) has three prominent video areas on their home page:

  1. Is LASIK Right for You?
  3. Media Spotlight

Theses three video-centric areas of the site were design with a very specific sales objective in mind:

  1. Pre-emptively handle sales objections
  2. Demonstrate momentum
  3. Position Dr. Rothman as a well known and respected expert

In other words, it’s not about using video because it’s “cool”. It’s about using video as a means of helping their visitors better understand what is possible.

PodWorx, the parent company of the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP, developed LASIK of Nevada’s new website. It was designed to visually draw visitors to the “human-enabling” portions of the website so that a visitor would be immediately put at ease. 

But it’s not just about video.

PodWorx also focused heavily on effective SEO techniques and providing easy access to areas that are particularly popular with visitors (free consultation, free self exam, location information).  To date, the feedback on the website and videos has been outstanding and the increase in call-to-action success has been rewarding.

CO-OP Case Study: Coming Attractions

I was asked to speak at a business lunch a few weeks ago about video and its relevancy in the online world. I covered many of the things found in the When Does Video Matter section of this website. I also threw out a few ideas for web-based videos, which can be found at the bottom of the CO-OP description page.

After I finished, Brett Grant, the managing owner at KSHP came up with a great idea.
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CO-OP Case Study: Training and Educational Video as a Product


Using video as a sellable product is a great idea.

iPianoLab’s founder Steve Catanzaro has seen a great deal of success sharing his piano-teaching program with a ton of schools here in Las Vegas.  In addition to the on-campus training he and his team are providing around the city, he is also preparing for an online-based system for those not fortunate enough to live here.

Part of that system is a series of training videos, which we’re shooting at the CO-OP.  As you can see from the shot above, we’ve got Steve surrounded by cameras. . .three of them.  One is the establishing camera, which he looks into as he speaks to his student.  The other two, which are off each of his shoulders, are pointed toward the keyboard.  Camera two provides a shot of the instruction manual placed on his keyboard and camera three provides the shot you see in the monitor. . .a close up of the keyboard and his hands.

CO-OP Case Study: Personal Coaching – Establishing Credibility

Toward the end of 2013, we had a rush of new CO-OP Members. Interestingly, several “Personal Coaches” joined the CO-OP. One of whom is Eldridge DuFauchard.

When starting any business, it’s helpful to find a specific niche. . .something that helps separate you from the competitive herd. Eldridge has done just that. His niche? Helping folks who suffer from social anxiety.
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CO-OP Case Study: Demonstrating Greatness – Video as a Recruiting Tool

I believe that in order to be successful, being “good enough” isn’t. From where I sit, it’s all about being great.

You must be great to get a great job.

An organization must deliver a great product or service to stay in business.

And in order for that organization to attract great associates (employees or volunteers), they have to ask:

How do I best demonstrate our organization’s authentic culture
so people want to get involved?

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CO-OP Case Study: Separating Yourself from the Competitive Herd

CourVo at Vegas Video CO-O

Today’s CO-OP Case Study opening question:

To separate yourself from the competition, how do you establish your own credibility without claiming it?

Dave Courvoisier is a voice over artist. He’s been in the voice over business for several years and has been successful. To take his VO business to the next level, he’s decided to add video to his online marketing mix.

The reasons? There are two.
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CO-OP Case Study: Handling Sales Objections

Here’s an interesting question for those responsible for the ongoing revenue of their company:

How do you handle a sales objection if you’re not given the opportunity to speak with the prospect?

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