VVN/VVC Activity Brief: 9/15/16 – Video Sales Tips #5 & #6 Plus Beta Video Example


Vegas Video Network/Vegas Video Co-op Activity Brief for September 15, 2016.

~ Creating Videos that Help You Sell: Tips #5 and #6
~ Example of multi-shot video for onsite events

Streamed live on Facebook Live at 10:45am, 9/15/16.

Google LOVES Fresh Content

GoogleHeartsWhen you add new content to your website, it should be your goal to have it indexed by Google as soon as possible. However, YOU can’t force Google to index your new content. Instead, Google decides how often it indexes your website based upon a variety of factors, including, how often you provide new content.

For VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Members, we teach that supplying a steady stream of fresh video content is good for business. First, it gives your customers and prospects a reason to continually return to your website. Second, if you configure your website correctly, it’ll demonstrate to Google you are a resource of fresh content that Google can rely upon. As Google’s indexing algorithm becomes more and more convinced of this, it’ll reduce the amount of time between when you publish new content and Google’s indexing of that same content.

This Stuff Works

For example: The Vegas Video Network has been producing fresh content on a daily/weekly basis since 2010. As a result, when we post a new episode, it’s not uncommon for Google to index that new episode within a MINUTE of its availability. As a result, we’ve increased the probability of engagement with possible prospects/new fans as quickly as is possible.

How can you tell how quickly Google is indexing your content? Here’s how:

1. Do a search for the title of a blog post, video post, article, page, whatever. Next to the Google result, there will be a little arrow. Click it to show the "cached" option. Follow the link.


2. At the top of the page, you’ll see when Google indexed the page.


3. Compare it to the date/time you created the page/post/video.


As you can see, I posted this new Living in Las Vegas episode on October 21, 2015 at 8:09AM PDT. Google indexed it on October 21, 2015 at 15:10:59 GMT. There is a seven hour difference between PDT and GMT which means that within ONE MINUTE, Google had indexed and made this content available via Google’s search engine.

Very, very cool.

If you’d like to start improving Google’s indexing of your content, get in contact with us. There’s a lot of cool things we’ll talk about!

First, We Prepare. . .

ConsultationThe first step after becoming a VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Member is a free consultation meeting. The intent is to ensure when the first video shoot session is scheduled, we are completely ready to go.

There is a lot of talk about how to effectively approach video production. How to tell a story. How to establish your credibility without claiming it. How to bond with your audience. The real goals of every online video. Lots of very cool stuff.

Just finished such a consultation with a new CO-OP Member. A few minutes after the meeting wrapped, I received a text message that began with. . .

“Thanks a Trillion”. . .

. . .and ended with. . .

“Amazing meeting!”

How nice is that? Pretty damn classy, too. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!

Here is an Excellent Way to Establish Yourself as an Expert

2We just wrapped a fascinating session for CO-OP Member Lathe Lavada. 

As we’ve said many times, claiming your own credibility is the weakest way to establish it.  Besides many of the techniques we teach CO-OP Members to bolster their credibility, an outstanding way to demonstrate your expertise is to be interviewed on a broadcast-quality morning talk show. Here in Las Vegas, you see it all the time.

So, for Lathe, we set out to create the same thing.

For the shoot, we developed a show which features an in-studio host interviewing a guest in a remote location. Lathe would be that guest. For this short video to look authentic, we needed five distinct elements:

  1. A nice ‘Morning Show’ opening video.
    We used the video to set the tone for the show. Bubbly, upbeat, fun.

  2. An in studio host on a well-appointed set.
    Using one of our customized virtual sets, we created a environment that featured the Las Vegas sign, a monitor behind the host with the show logo, and real-time lower thirds.

  3. Our guest in a remote location.
    We wanted to create the feeling of a network show by being able to visit remotely with “Lathe, who is visiting us from his radio show, Real Estate Rescue, LIVE”.

  4. Picture in picture capabilities during the interview.
    To keep Lathe on screen as much as possible, we also took advantage of our virtual set capabilities, which included some more very cool customization.

  5. Strong call to action in closing credits
    The final video used in this step provided a clear call to action for the viewer along with some additional branding of Lathe’s radio show.

As you can see in the graphic, we were able to achieve all of our objectives. 

What you may not recognize is all of this was shot in our studio AND done as a single take.  All elements were shot and recorded live.

Pretty spiffy, huh?

Lathe has had this content approved by one of the “top 3” networks here in Vegas for placement during their broadcast schedule.

Howard Stern Does This Every Day, Should You Do It As Well?

Radio Station Stage #3 at Vegas Video Co-Op. Las Vegas Video Production.

It can be a challenge, when in a broadcast interview setting, to get a guest to open up. They are often nervous with all the lights and cameras pointing at them.  This is an issue that we’ve seen time and time again.  And, it’s a problem we solve.

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Studio Move Continues. . .

We’re about nine days into the move to our new studio.  Lot’s of activity, lots of knocking down walls, building ceilings, adding flooring and paint Paint PAINTING.


Here’s a peek at how the new studio will lay out. About 3,000 square feet (roughly 3x the size of VVN 1.0), three distinct stages, two bathrooms, and of course, a “Groovy Lounge”. I hope those of you reading this will stop by once I get things set up. They’ll be a party, I’m certain.

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Set Up for an Instant Talk Show


When it comes to the types of Las Vegas Video Production we provide, one of the favorite requests from VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Members is to help them produce a video-based talk show.  Given our experience with the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK (we’ve produced over 800 multi-camera, live streaming productions), we love these as well.

The shot above was of the setup for an interview with outgoing UNLV president Neal Smatresk.  Our CO-OP Member was interested in a very simple set, with a strong Las Vegas presence.

Like many of our talk show setups, we shot this as a three-camera shoot:

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CO-OP Case Study: Demonstrating Greatness – Video as a Recruiting Tool

I believe that in order to be successful, being “good enough” isn’t. From where I sit, it’s all about being great.

You must be great to get a great job.

An organization must deliver a great product or service to stay in business.

And in order for that organization to attract great associates (employees or volunteers), they have to ask:

How do I best demonstrate our organization’s authentic culture
so people want to get involved?

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CO-OP Case Study: Separating Yourself from the Competitive Herd

CourVo at Vegas Video CO-O

Today’s CO-OP Case Study opening question:

To separate yourself from the competition, how do you establish your own credibility without claiming it?

Dave Courvoisier is a voice over artist. He’s been in the voice over business for several years and has been successful. To take his VO business to the next level, he’s decided to add video to his online marketing mix.

The reasons? There are two.
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CO-OP Case Study: Handling Sales Objections

Here’s an interesting question for those responsible for the ongoing revenue of their company:

How do you handle a sales objection if you’re not given the opportunity to speak with the prospect?

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