BitTorrent Goes Legit-er? Live Streaming Video in Beta

Having produced well over 800 live streaming video productions, both here in Vegas and in various other places around the country, we know that the cost of live streaming video can be prohibitive for many folks. While you can go the free route with companies like Ustream, you pay a high price for not paying. . .commercials, interruptions, more commercials, and more interruptions.

It. Is. Horrible.

If you look at a company like, you’ll pay $350 for 3000 user hours a month. Not terrible, but expensive for some.

BitTorrent, the folks known for the peer-to-peer file sharing protocol (that is often used for nefarious reasons) has announced the beta testing of BitTorrent Live. It’ll use the same peer-to-peer concept as their file sharing. This is interesting. Don’t know the cost, yet. And the fact that it requires a plug in is a real negative for me.

Streaming Media has a good article/interview on it.

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