VVN/VVC Activity Brief: August 26rd, 2016

Vegas Video Network/Vegas Video Co-op Activity Brief for August 26rd, 2016.

In today’s activity brief, we cover. . .

  • Vegas Video Network
  • Vegas Video Co-Op
  • New show mention: Travel/Eat/Learn
  • How long should your video be?
  • Top 10 Tips Continue: Videos should do one of two things, Address the “alternative solution”

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VVN/VVC Activity Brief: August 23rd, 2016

Vegas Video Network/Vegas Video Co-op Activity Brief for August 23rd, 2016.

In today’s activity brief, we cover. . .

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VVN/VVC Activity Brief: August 19th, 2016

Vegas Video Network/Vegas Video Co-op Activity Brief for August 19th, 2016.

In today’s activity brief, we cover. . .

Streamed live on Facebook Live at 10am, 8/19/16.

What Kind of Videos Should You Create?

As CO-OP Members will tell you, it’s easy to get excited about adding a video strategy to your online world. However, there’s more to creating video then just deciding you need to do so. The number one question we get is. . .

What Kind of Videos Can I Produce?

If you are looking for a kick-start to generate some ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s list of the types of videos you can produced at the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP:

  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Distance learning
  • Promotions
  • Sales presentations
  • Company culture demonstration
  • Product/Service launch
  • Town hall meeting
  • Fan Q & A
  • Talk show
  • Reviews
  • Magic
  • Website tours
  • Seminars
  • Contests
  • Recruiting efforts
  • Testimonials
  • Employee training
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Business interview
  • Talent showcase
  • Comedy
  • Music

Want to learn more? Take a moment and contact us. We’ll bring you up to speed on whether or not a video strategy makes sense for you and your business.

photo credit: E Danley (flicker)

It Shouldn’t Take Days to Create a Great Video

Single take, real-time graphic changes in monitor, no post edits. Nice job Deirdre and Nick. It shouldn’t take hours (or days) to produce a video that works for you.

Moving On Up – Congratulations to CO-OP Member Doug Geinzer of Las Vegas HEALS


Come to find out, the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP is a perfect place for somebody interested in starting a talk/interview show to practice their skill in a safe, nurturing, and educational environment. The latest CO-OP Member to join VVN is Doug Geinzer of Las Vegas HEALS.

Inside Medicine is an information-rich 1/2 hour show which features intimate interviews with the leaders of the Southern Nevada medical community. It broadcasts LIVE every Friday morning at 10A PT at http://vegasvideonetwork.com/live

Congrats, Doug!

Las Vegas Review-Journal Features Article About Podcasts

LVRJ-ScreenShotOfWebsiteFor those Members (and potential Members) of the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP who are interested in podcasting, we were excited to see Michael Lyle’s Las Vegas Review-Journal article, “Spreading the news and views – Podcasts offer another medium for telling people about Las Vegas”, on the front page of this past Sunday’s LIFE section (1/10/16).

The article opened with a story about Scott Whitney’s 2005 Halloween costume – he dressed as a “podcast” – and continued with quite a bit of information about the Living in Las Vegas podcast, along with several other podcasts about Las Vegas (Downtown Podcast, Five Hundy by Midnight, and Vegas Fanboy).

Here’s a link to a the article on the LVRJ.com website.

A Proud Moment for the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP

Miracle-League-Logo_SmallThe VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP (and PodWorx, its parent company) is proud to join companies like Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts, and UBS as a Major Donor to Miracle League Las Vegas.

OpeningDay035For those unfamiliar with this outstanding organization, Miracle League of Las Vegas provides special needs individuals the opportunity to play baseball in a safe and nurturing environment. Everybody plays! Everybody hits! And everybody scores! I’ve MC’d a couple opening day ceremonies and it is one of the most impressive, beautiful, FUN environments I’ve ever seen. The work all the folks involved with MLLV do is extensive and impressive.

Skype TX Now Available at the Vegas Video Network and Vegas Video Co-op

New Stuff at VVN/VVC

Because we spend a lot of time creating content that is interview based, we aim to ensure our interviews are top-notch, regardless of the guest’s location. And while satellite feeds or microwave relays used to be the only truly broadcast-quality option for remote interviews, that has changed.

Many folks don’t know this, but Microsoft makes a very special version of Skype, called “Skype TX”. It’s the company’s high-end, broadcast quality version of the software.

Skype TX cannot be bought by itself. It must be pre-configured on a small number of specially-configured hardware platforms. We just installed such a system.

We reconfigured our production cockpit to accommodate this new capability. The photo above give a director’s view of what we’re capable of doing:

  1. The Skype TX dedicated system with a Skype connection in progress.
  2. Via a dedicated HD-SDI cable, we receive the Skype callers signal and assign it as a camera into our Tricaster. (In the example above, we assigned it to camera 8 (and 7 for fun).)
  3. This area shows the live stream being broadcast/recorded. On the left is the in-studio camera, on the right is the Skype caller.
  4. Unlike typical remote guests, the Skype caller into our studios can SEE and HEAR the actual broadcast IN REAL TIME. They’ll know exactly when they are “on the air”, see all camera changes, and hear all music/sound effects/videos.

If you’re interested in being able to interview folks with this amazing new capability, and you’re not already a VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Member or Vegas Video Network content provider, give us a shout. This is very cool stuff.

Google LOVES Fresh Content

GoogleHeartsWhen you add new content to your website, it should be your goal to have it indexed by Google as soon as possible. However, YOU can’t force Google to index your new content. Instead, Google decides how often it indexes your website based upon a variety of factors, including, how often you provide new content.

For VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Members, we teach that supplying a steady stream of fresh video content is good for business. First, it gives your customers and prospects a reason to continually return to your website. Second, if you configure your website correctly, it’ll demonstrate to Google you are a resource of fresh content that Google can rely upon. As Google’s indexing algorithm becomes more and more convinced of this, it’ll reduce the amount of time between when you publish new content and Google’s indexing of that same content.

This Stuff Works

For example: The Vegas Video Network has been producing fresh content on a daily/weekly basis since 2010. As a result, when we post a new episode, it’s not uncommon for Google to index that new episode within a MINUTE of its availability. As a result, we’ve increased the probability of engagement with possible prospects/new fans as quickly as is possible.

How can you tell how quickly Google is indexing your content? Here’s how:

1. Do a search for the title of a blog post, video post, article, page, whatever. Next to the Google result, there will be a little arrow. Click it to show the "cached" option. Follow the link.


2. At the top of the page, you’ll see when Google indexed the page.


3. Compare it to the date/time you created the page/post/video.


As you can see, I posted this new Living in Las Vegas episode on October 21, 2015 at 8:09AM PDT. Google indexed it on October 21, 2015 at 15:10:59 GMT. There is a seven hour difference between PDT and GMT which means that within ONE MINUTE, Google had indexed and made this content available via Google’s search engine.

Very, very cool.

If you’d like to start improving Google’s indexing of your content, get in contact with us. There’s a lot of cool things we’ll talk about!