The VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP™ is a part of VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK®, LLC (VVN), the first and only LIVE, online broadcasting network that specializes in insider news and expert views from Las Vegas locals to our neighbors and the world. The network is an independent voice with no FCC-based restrictions which shines a light on Las Vegas and its people through content that entertains and educates. We develop and produce all-original programming driven by input and participation from our fan base. We are especially close to our worldwide audience because we focus on two key elements — approachability and authenticity.

As a result, we built the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK to end the struggle of finding Vegas-related video that is centrally located, professionally-produced, timely and relevant. The VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK delivers a unique behind-the-curtain look at Las Vegas that is predicated upon three key principles:

  1. An easy-to-use website.
  2. The sophistication and LIVE aspects of Broadcast TV combined with live, in the moment interaction with our audience.
  3. Las Vegas experts who promote the city and are actively engaged with their viewers.

VVN HAS PRODUCED OVER 1,000 multi-camera, live streaming video broadcasts to a world-wide audience. Our content has been seen in all 50 states and 150+ countries.


The VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK and VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP are founded by Scott Whitney and is owned and operated by PodWorx, Inc, an Internet Broadcasting company that specializes in podcasts, Web TV, and live streaming video productions. With the number of live events and podcast episodes produced, PodWorx is the most experience live streaming video and podcast production company in Nevada.

Scott is among a handful of podcast pioneers (his first podcast dates back to 2005) who successfully created an immediately profitable podcast-only business that continues to thrive today.  He and his company are based in Las Vegas, Nevada (naturally!).

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